TP5800 – Ticket Processor and Farebox

The TP5800 Ticket Processor integrates with other Vix hardware to provide a legacy media option for passengers. With both driver-facing and rider-facing screens, the validator can process physical tickets as well as smart cards and  NFC-devices such as smartphones.

TP5800 Ticket Processor

Our TP5800 Ticket Processor uses ultra-fast printing technology that is cheaper and requires less maintenance than other ticket printers on the market. It serves as a transitional technology that also accepts contactless payments.

Key Features

  • Ticket printer
  • Thermal printer for ink savings
  • Can print receipts upon request 
  • Accepts contactless payment
  • Full integration potential
  • 3.5” customer-facing screen 
  • 4.7” driver-facing screen
  • Backlit driver-facing buttons
  • RGB color alert system
  • Visual and audible cues of successful transaction 
  • Automatic Vehicle Location integration

Why Switch to TP5800 now?

For transit systems that still require physical ticket processing, the TP5800 provides the best of both worlds. With the ability to perform contactless validation and purchase as well as physical ticket dispensing and scanning, the TP5800 is a popular option for transit agencies looking to transition their ridership more slowly into full electronic fareboxes.

There is no doubt that contactless transit fareboxes are increasingly necessary. Public transit has faced increased scrutiny and regulation over the need to provide essential services during an era that demands less interaction time and close contact. In addition, ridership is expected to increase amid car shortages and rising fuel prices. Excitingly, studies show the vast majority of riders own a smartphone and are open to and/or experienced with the technology of contactless payments.

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Why Choose Vix Technology for Contactless Fareboxes?

Choosing a contactless farebox is a major step for any transit agency. Many months of research, proposal writing, funding issues, and strategizing that go into any major spending or upgrade decision. This makes it vital to choose an experienced company with superior customer service.

Vix Technology designs, builds, installs, and supports a variety of transit farebox solutions. Our team has customized and deployed products in 25 countries serving nearly 150 million riders, overcoming unique challenges and adapting to a wide variety of transit needs. 

In full support of the data-collecting needs of modern transit agencies, Vix Technology integrates hardware and software to allow expansive data input to provide automated reports for further analysis. Transit agencies using Vix Technology products are able to plan better and improve service while generating higher revenue with lower costs.