Environmental Responsibility

As a global leader in automatic fare collection, transit information, and transit analytics solutions, Vix continually strives to make a positive contribution to our communities and environment.

Our goal is to make public transport responsive, efficient and a viable alternative to the private automobile—influencing modal shift for a more sustainable future.

Building on 35 years of long-term partnerships with transit agencies and operators, our products, people, processes, and pedigree enable us to solve problems and deliver solutions that are evolving mobility across the globe.

Our team of experts are proud to help shape the way transport moves and progresses, now and for our future.

From environmental leadership to ISO certification compliance, as well as evolving our processes and initiatives around training and purchasing, Vix is continually working toward positively shaping sustainability in transit.

For more details regarding Vix’s approach to sustainability, view our Environmental Responsibility one-pager.