All-in-One Driver Console On Vehicle Device

Streamline onboard operations with a single device to manage ticketing, communications and driver’s assistance.

Upgrade your fleet with the new All-in-One Driver Console (DC120). Built to withstand the challenges of daily bus operations, the DC120 features a robust design that ensures durability and reliability in any environment. Trust the DC120 to deliver optimal performance consistently.

Support Driver Operations

Equip your drivers with essential tools. With dual screens – one for the driver and one for the passenger – the DC120 seamlessly integrates ticketing systems and tools for managing and optimizing bus operations.

Essential for smooth operations, the All-in-One Driver Console System provides integral functionality.

The All-in-One Driver Console is:

Multi-functional: A central hub for ticketing, fare collection and ITMS 

Robust: Built to deliver reliable performance in demanding operational environments

User-friendly: Navigate seamlessly through operations

Vix All-in-One Driver Console Datasheet

Download the Datasheet

Key Features

  • Driver console can be used for ITMS and ticketing​
  • Android touch display along with card reader, printer and QR code scanner​
  • Has two screens: one for driver and one for passenger​
  • Has 4 SAM modules​
  • Isolated digital input and output (4 each​)
  • Swivel around the base for LHD/RHD


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