Assure Compact
On vehicle and gate validation

Assure Compact Contactless Validation

Assure is a range of contactless validation and inspection devices from Vix. The Assure Compact is a simple design that supports contactless EMV cards and mobile devices. The Compact provides users with options between card-based and account-based fare collection. With mounting options for panels and poles, the Assure Compact can be easily placed on-vehicle or in the gate line. 

The Assure Compact is stylish and easy to identify with distinct colour options that match your brand and make them easy for passengers to locate. With visual feedback from the LED colour ring and audible indicators, passengers can be confident that their card, ticket, or device has been validated accurately.

Assure Compact Validation Device

Assure Compact Design and Security

Vix has flexibility in mind with the Assure Compact’s design. With the Assure Compact, transit operators can implement fare collection systems that are unique to their needs. As your needs grow, Assure validators can adapt to those changes. The Assure Compact is built to last and is designed to withstand public transport rigors and low maintenance. Assure validators operate fast, allowing a high passenger throughput.

The Assure Compact Validator is the smallest form factor validator in Assure range. 

A Compact Validator consists of:

• A Secure Card Reader

• A software-controlled LED ring consisting of RGB LED’s

• Compact mainboard

Assure Compact Validator comes in two different configurations; however, the electronics remain unchanged between the two configurations.

Security is crucial, and Assure validators meet the most stringent digital payment and physical security standards. With the Assure Compact, security burdens and risks for transport operators are lessened thanks to the reduced complexity of Assure validators, allowing time for other duties. The Assure Compact can be installed in two minutes without tools, low maintenance, rugged, are easy to upgrade, and reliable making Assure validators a cost-effective investment for public transit operators.

Key Features

  • On-Vehicle Validator
  • Contactless
  • Card-based and account-based validation
  • NFC mobile phone validation
  • Can be pole-mounted
  • Can be used alone or integrated
  • Colour screen with animation
  • Colour light ring displays successful validation
  • Digital audio with multiple languages available
  • IK10 & IP66 rated enclosures
  • EMV L1, EMV L2 & PCI-PTS certified


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