Mobile Data Terminal On Vehicle Device

Streamline onboard operations with your ultimate driver’s companion. 

Upgrade your fleet with the new Mobile Data Terminal. This versatile tablet device equips drivers with essential tools for navigation and communication, ensuring efficient operations and improved productivity. 

Its compact design, featuring user-friendly Android touch display and integrated speaker/microphone inputs, enables drivers to manage tasks efficiently whilst staying connected with the depot. 

Improving Fleet Productivity

The Mobile Data Terminal is:

Robust: Built to deliver reliable performance in demanding operational environments

User-friendly: Features an Intuitive Android touch display for easy navigation

Integrated: Seamlessly integrates with existing systems for efficient operation

Reliable: Ensures reliable connections with 4G-LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth options

Vix Mobile Data Terminal Datasheet

Download the Datasheet

Key Features

  • Display: User-friendly Android touch display
  • Goes on the driver dashboard​
  • Dimension: 270X186X35​
  • 4G-LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth communication​
  • Isolated digital input and output 3 each​
  • Gigabit Ethernet with PoE
  • Integrated speaker, and microphone inputs for delivering VOIP calls between driver and depot


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