As one of our lower price point models, the CR6000 electronic farebox provides a compact and contactless payment option for off-vehicle locations. The CR6000 is most commonly deployed at unmanned ticket booths or mounted and integrated into ticket vending machines and security gates.

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The CR6000 offers an easy self-service way for passengers to purchase a fare before boarding a transit vehicle. This electronic farebox supports card-based and account-based fare solutions for single fare or multi-fare pass purchases using traditional credit cards or smartphone-based payment apps.

Key Features

  • Desktop unit
  • Suited for gates or ticket vending machines
  • Low entry cost Contactless
  • Card-based and account-based validation
  • NFC mobile phone validation
  • 3.5” color screen with animation
  • Color light ring displays successful validation
  • Digital audio with multiple languages available

Why Switch to CR6000 now?

The ability to purchase tickets off-vehicle is a necessity for transit systems with goals for reducing on-board and dwelling time. Keeping these numbers down is a key metric for customer satisfaction and can reduce public health risks associated with close, slow-moving lines and on-vehicle dwelling time.

The rise in used vehicle costs and reduction in availability of new vehicles, combined with rising fuel costs, is also driving more people to use public transit systems. Additionally, these new and previous riders are intimately familiar with smartphone technology and are primed for using contactless payments and fare validation. 

With increased ridership expected as well as peak consumer demand for forward-thinking technology, there has never been a more ideal time to transition to fully electronic fareboxes.

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