PCP6100 – Farebox for Outdoor Automated Fare Collection

For transit systems with outdoor self-service needs, the PCP6100 provides all the technology, options, and security of our leading CP6100 farebox with the benefit of an upgraded, extra-robust exterior.

The weather-proof, marine-grade steel of our PCP6100 electronic farebox allows riders to purchase fares and multi-fare passes from stations, platforms, stops, and other outdoor locations with the necessary  resistance to rain, cold, heat, humidity, and other weather conditions.

Featuring a user-friendly touchscreen, the PCP6100 makes it easy for riders to purchase a single fare or a fare pass. Other options can be programmed for riders to receive demographic discounts, multiple passengers, off-peak pricing, destination-based pricing, and other fare collection options.

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The PCP6100 provides all the purchasing options of on-vehicle fareboxes with the added weather durability needed for outdoor and unattended areas. The bright, full-color touchscreen with clear visible and audible cues makes it easy for any rider to purchase fare without assistance.

Key Features

  • Outdoor/unattended validator 
  • Marine Grade Steel
  • Can be wall- or pole-mounted
  • Touchscreen option 
  • Can offer multiple fares and multiple passenger transactions
  • Color light ring displays successful validation
  • Digital audio with multiple languages available

Why Switch to PCP6100 now?

Ridership on public and private transit vehicles is expected to surge, and the consumer base is primed for contactless validation technology. 

The ubiquitous smartphone is now a regularly used form of payment in retail locations, and rider demand for decreased contact is higher than ever. Electronic fareboxes have been proven to reduce on-boarding and dwelling times to provide higher customer satisfaction and reduced public health risk of close lines and congregation. 

In addition, transit systems are seeing increases in ridership coinciding with higher vehicle and gasoline prices. Increased demand on an essential service requires smart investments in technology that can grow with the system’s needs.

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Why Choose Vix Technology for Contactless Fareboxes?

Vix Technology is the premier transit farebox manufacturer worldwide. Our electronic fareboxes are designed, engineered, produced, installed, and serviced in-house, providing the highest quality, customization, and customer service on the market today.

Our fare collection systems are deployed in 25 countries serving nearly 150 million consumers. We have experience in adapting to a wide variety of transit situations, including variations in public vs. private, vehicle options (ferry, bus, train, etc.), on-vehicle vs. platform, and other practical and logistical considerations. 

Our proprietary software is compliant and secure, with per-certifications and payment processing integration. With back-end data collection, Vix Technology fareboxes allow transit systems to collect and analyze data to improve service, reduce costs, and increase revenue.