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Vix Technology is the leading developer and supplier of bus fareboxes throughout the world, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Europe, and other globally recognized public transit systems. 

If your transit agency is considering a new farebox system, there are several key factors to choosing the best solution for your needs. Vix Technology has made these features the central point of our multi-layered hardware and software solution.

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Customizable Solutions

We offer hybrid and ultra-modern bus fareboxes that suit your riders’ needs. With Vix Technology, you’ll receive a custom designed system that may include ticket processors, card readers, card payment processors, ticket validators, and more. These technologies can be on board, at vending machines, at the station, at a gate, or at a manned ticket booth.

Vix layers multiple technology options on top of our hardware to provide the choice to monitor driver or rider behavior, passenger counting, vehicle tracking, and more.

Our solutions can also be integrated into existing hardware, readers, and gates to make transition simple and fast, and our data formatting is accessible via common programs and applications like Microsoft Office.

Contactless Rider Controlled Technology

Many transit agencies integrate offboard fareboxes that collect payments from manned or unmanned kiosks. The Assure Rugged can weather the elements (and heavy passenger use) for station, terminal, and platform locations. The versatile Assure Adept can be used for on-vehicle and gate validation. The simple design of the Assure Compact is used for contactless EMV cards and mobile devices.

The CR6000 supports unattended use cases at ticket booths or mounted and integrated with security gates and ticket vending machines.

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Ultra-Tight Security

Any technology is only as good as its security. Vix integrates leading payment solutions that allow for highly secure, fast, and flexible payment processing that is trusted the world over. Our fare solutions can also be used to detect revenue pilferage, non-paying riders, and other alerts to fraud. Switching from cash to credit and debit payments also reduces the risk of carrying and transporting cash boxes.

Vital Insights and Reporting

All Vix hardware connects to our proprietary Vix software as well as common Microsoft applications to make it easier than ever to gather data and run reports. The data provided by our systems can be used to plan more efficient routes, detect poor driving behaviors, monitor for fraud, manage scheduling, and more.

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Superior Customer Service

We stand behind our products with full-service customer experience. From the beginning, your agency’s customized solution will be thoughtfully planned and expertly executed by our experienced Vix Technology team.

Ongoing issues and concerns with both hardware and software can be addressed quickly with a simple call or e-mail. We are also able to assist you in scaling your devices and planning a long-term transition strategy to fully automated fare collection.


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Why Choose Vix Technology?

With over 35 years of experience in public transit technology, Vix has directly contributed to the growth of the state-of-the-art fare systems in use all over the world. Our hardware and software have been finely honed into simple-to-use and revenue-generating machines that transform bus, trains, and other transit into a faster, more enjoyable, and more cost-effective experience for riders.

With increased rider loyalty, more revenue, and powerful data, transit agencies are able to plan for even better services in the future. Vix works with agencies to scale their farebox systems as they grow and develop new strategies for success.