Transit Fareboxes Available from Vix Technology

Vix Technology is the globally leading provider of transit fareboxes and automated fare collection technology. With over 200 transit systems utilizing over 500,000 devices, Vix Technology has seen it all and can accommodate any transit agency’s needs.

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Onboard Fareboxes

Whether your agency is responsible for bus, light rail, paratransit, or another public transit system, Vix has an onboard farebox solution for you.

The Assure Compact speeds onboarding time and can fit in small spaces or be pole-mounted. The Assure Adept adds a touchscreen option to provide an even more user-friendly interface to purchase and validate tickets.

Offboard Fareboxes

Many transit agencies must integrate offboard fareboxes that can collect payments from attended or unattended kiosks. The Assure Rugged has a weather-proof exterior necessary for station, terminal, and platform locations.

Our CR6000 enables passengers purchase and validate tickets from a desktop unit, gate unit, or vending machine. This is a smart choice for agencies whose ridership is not ready or able to commit to a fully automated transition.

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Ultimate Security

Vix Technology incorporates third party payment processing for ultra-secure, encrypted payments performed by the world’s leading providers. Putting the payment process in the hands of the consumer does not have to open up agencies to fraud and can instead be used to reduce excess staff hours and redirect employees of the agency to other important tasks.

In addition, Vix has multiple strategies to help spot and reduce fraud. Our passenger counting system can ensure the number of tickets sold matches the number of riders. It can also catch fare pilfering, monitor passenger overloading and suspicious behavior, and observe inappropriate driver activity. This makes any transit agency utilizing Vix Technology safer and more secure for all.

Robust Transit Analytics

Data is the best tool an agency can use to implement smarter strategies that improve rider experience while saving costs and generating more revenue. 

Our robust data services provide real-time data as well as vital reports that cover three main areas: passenger data, operational data, and location data. Daily reports on taps, trips, and transactions can help develop more efficient routes, detect the need for additional routes, and detect potential problems with unmet demand.

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Why Choose Vix Technology?

With over 35 years of experience in public transit technology, Vix has directly contributed to the growth of the state-of-the-art fare systems in use all over the world. Our hardware and software have been finely honed into simple-to-use and revenue-generating machines that transform bus, trains, and other transit into a faster, more enjoyable, and more cost-effective experience for riders.

With increased rider loyalty, more revenue, and powerful data, transit agencies are able to plan for even better services in the future. Vix works with agencies to scale their farebox systems as they grow and develop new strategies for success.