Railway Ticketing System

Railway systems have unique needs when it comes to fareboxes. They may need one or two fareboxes per car while still maintaining fraud monitoring in unmanned areas. Railways may also need pole-mounted fareboxes to maintain more passenger and traffic pattern space. Agencies may also wish to have only platform-based ticket dispensers with ticket validation boxes onboard. 

Vix Technology can customize a farebox solution for any railway system of any complexity using our suite of onboard and offboard railway fareboxes.

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Onboard Railway Fareboxes

Vix Technology offers a variety of onboard fareboxes that can be customized to suit any rail system.

The Assure Compact automated and contactless fare collection system allows onboard validating. This can be pole-mounted for access on multiple cars without taking up valuable square footage. 

The Assure Adept provides the capabilities of a touchscreen with additional passenger options.

Our system of passenger-counting cameras can help maintain proper passenger capacity, monitor for fraud, record video for review, and ensure other onboard issues are addressed.

Offboard Railway Fareboxes

The Assure Rugged adds the hardware necessary to make it suitable for outdoor locations like train platforms and stations. The ultra-durable marine grade steel can withstand any weather while using our Vix software to make rider experience smooth and hassle-free.

The CR6000 works as a low-cost farebox for automated fare collection. This is popular for agencies who want to maintain a traditional ticketing format with the gradual addition of some more modern features.

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Why Choose Vix Technology?

Vix Technology serves complex rail systems across the world that are prized for their efficiency and ease-of-use. From Singapore to Hong Kong, Australia, and beyond, Vix Technology has transformed the railway systems of hundreds of agencies around the world with contactless payments, compact fareboxes, and unparalleled reporting. 

Our unmatched backend office software allows agencies to monitor fraud, driver efficiency and safety, passenger count, and more to plan smarter routes and generate more revenue.