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Vix Technology’s Contactless Fare Payment Solutions

Vix Technology is leading the contactless payment revolution now at the forefront of the transit industry. Consumers are increasingly familiar with their options to pay by tapping credit or debit cards or by using a smartphone’s mobile wallet, and they expect to use this payment method for their everyday commutes by bus and train.

We offer several products, designed for stations or for on-board services, to help transit agencies adapt to growing demand and stay ahead of the payment technology curve.



Enable riders to initiate a transaction, easily select their ticketing or pass options, pay for their fares, and then validate them upon boarding. Offer contactless payments alongside other payment options, giving passengers flexibility and convenience in how they pay.


Process contactless EMV fare payments quickly and securely, enabling pay-as-you-go fares for your riders.


Process fare payments with card tapping or smartphone mobile wallets. Scan barcodes on physical tickets or smartphones to validate previously purchased tickets or passes.

Vix Assure Adept Validator

Onboard Fare Solutions

The Assure range of contactless validators enable cEMV fare payment processing in a range of form factors for on-vehicle and outside use.

The Assure Compact is designed for use on-vehicle and allows onboard purchases. The Assure Adept adds a user-friendly touchscreen to display passenger fares.

Offboard Fare Solutions

The Assure Rugged is a robust, weather-proof device that can be used on the platform for contactless fares and validation.

The CR6000 is a contactless offboard reader and validator that is suitable as a desktop unit or a small box located on or at gates and vending machines.

Vix Technology Screen with LED Light
Dallas Texas Highway at night

Benefits of Vix Technology Contactless Payment Solutions

Contactless payments and automated fare collection offer solutions to multiple common issues facing transit agencies today.

  • Faster transactions
  • Lower dwelling time
  • Ability to physically distance at offboard payment terminals
  • Less contact between employees and riders
  • Reduced fraud and more secure payments
  • More efficient routes
  • Happier riders
  • Attracting new riders and ongoing riders
  • More data for in-depth analytics 
  • Ability to re-route on the fly
  • Detect fraudulent activity 
  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher revenue


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