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Automated fare collection is the number one way to speed onboarding time, decrease costs, increase revenue, and provide higher rider satisfaction. Choosing your bus ticketing system is an crucial strategic decision, and Vix is ready to help.

With over 200 Vix systems operating throughout the world and over 500,000 devices currently in use, we leverage our 35 years of experience in public transit to provide exceptional experiences for both riders and transit agencies.

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Customize Your Farebox System

Bus ticketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Some buses need only onboard ticket purchasing while others need station terminals as well. Others require the ability to offer passes or demographic discounts. Thus the choice of hardware and software combination requires careful consideration. 

Vix Technology’s CP6100 is compact enough to be pole-mounted and allows onboard purchases. The CP6500 ups the ante with a user-friendly touchscreen. Vix assists each agency with choosing the right onboard system.

Offboard, Vix offers the PCP6100 which adds weather-proof hardware to the CP6100. Additionally, the CR6000 and TP5800 allow for ticket vending machines, gate-mounted hardware, manned ticketing registers, and other options in conjunction with a driver’s console for validation. This is a more traditional system with some touches of automation that eases riders into a more efficient system.

Exceptional Software Technology

Data is king. Vix Technology collects and collates data that other systems cannot. Our passenger-counting system, driver safety monitoring, and fraud detection technology provides invaluable data that agencies can use to provide more efficient and cost-effective services. Our transit analytics provide insights that guide agencies to make better decisions in real-time and in short- and long-term strategies.

Security is always a top priority when developing our software, and we work with the world’s most trusted payment processors to keep every transaction secure.

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Rider Control

Today’s bus riders want convenience and minimal interaction to complete transactions. With smartphones now ubiquitous, the ability to pay for and validate tickets from each rider’s own device is an easier and faster method of transaction that reduces dwelling time and keeps buses on time. 

Riders can access their own accounts and update their information, payment methods, passes, and more—all without the assistance of agency employees. This frees up staff to attend to other important tasks and can reduce overall labor costs for the transit agency without sacrificing the quality of its services.

Superior Customer Service

Vix provides hardware and software solutions with lifetime customer service. We stand behind our products with superior customer service to help you launch, maintain, and scale your Vix Technology products.

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Why Choose Vix Technology?

With over 35 years of experience in public transit technology, Vix has directly contributed to the growth of the state-of-the-art fare systems in use all over the world. Our hardware and software have been finely honed into simple-to-use and revenue-generating machines that transform bus, trains, and other transit into a faster, more enjoyable, and more cost-effective experience for riders.

With increased rider loyalty, more revenue, and powerful data, transit agencies are able to plan for even better services in the future. Vix works with agencies to scale their farebox systems as they grow and develop new strategies for success.