DC6000 – Transit Driver’s Console

While many of Vix Technology’s transit devices are related specifically to purchasing or validating fares, this console is different. The DC6000 Transit Driver’s Console is designed to offer a modern solution for the multiple tasks and data streams for which transit drivers are responsible. 

With the DC6000’s wireless data streaming, transit agencies can use this bus driver console to monitor, collect, and analyze data in real time. This enables several important features, including vehicle location monitoring, time tracking, journey status, GPS directions, updated routes, and more.

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This is Vix’s most unique hardware technology thanks to its ability to address other important transit factors besides user-facing payment options. The DC6000 driver’s console tracks metrics related to journey status, fleet monitoring, GPS and GPRS/3G real-time tracking and navigation, passenger transactions, and more.

Key Features

  • Large, color-coded keys
  • 7” full-color display
  • Optional GPS integration 
  • Time tracking
  • Journey status
  • Vehicle tracking for third party equipment
  • Stand-alone or integrated with Vix farebox

Why Switch to DC6000 now?

The DC6000 bus driver console is a perfect pairing for transit agencies upgrading to other Vix solutions, especially the CR6000 contactless validator. Our seamlessly integrated technology allows agencies to resolve current issues while planning for future expansion into state-of-the-art electronic fareboxes.

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Why Choose Vix Technology for Contactless Fareboxes?

Vix has designed and deployed custom transit solutions in 25 countries serving over 140 million riders. We have encountered a plethora of unique transit scenarios that required an expertly designed solution.

Vix Technology seeks to go above and beyond the consumer-facing concerns of modern fare transactions. We have designed our hardware and software to provide transit agencies with invaluable data collection to plan more efficient routes, meet rising and lowering demands, and more.

Our real-time wireless data transmission combined with our payment security protocols and certifications makes Vix Technology the global choice for forward-thinking, end-to-end transit fare solutions.