America's First Transit Open Payments System
The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) has always been viewed as an innovation leader in the transit space. In 2008, Vix Technology collaborated with UTA to deliver an advanced electronic fare collection infrastructure.
A Better Customer Journey
Transit is experiencing a period of rapid change for passengers. Vix solutions give you easy access to data and insights needed to drive business and service improvements.
Dublin's Leap Card Evolves With Mobile NFC Application
Vix Technology has been working with the National Transport Authority (NTA) on fare collection solutions for six years, and is currently the system integrator for the RTPI system operating across the public transportation networks of Ireland’s major cities.

A Better Customer Journey

Vix Technology leads the way in transport ticketing, implementing and managing automated fare collection, payments, access and passenger information systems for the past 30 years. With customers in more than 200 cities across the globe, we are passionate about providing a better customer journey and continuously strive to be innovative leaders in the transportation industry.

Automated Fare Collection

Fare collection is an integral business function for public transport operators and authorities, and the next step forward for the industry is account-based ticketing - Vix’s automated fare collection (AFC) solutions deliver market-leading products built on our years of experience and global success in transport ticketing innovation. Our innovative smart booking, ticketing and secure payment systems have helped make public transport more accessible and cost-effective to operate, and we continue to look ahead and shape the way transport moves for the future.

Successful automated fare collection solutions are easy to deploy and integrate, with data and insights that are open and accessible to third-party systems. The fundamental requirements of an AFC system are reliability, security and fare policy support, with these needs evolving over time. With this in mind, Vix is continually upgrading and developing our AFC solutions, led by Vix Pulse.

Vix Pulse

Vix Pulse is an innovative, multi-modal, multi-operator automated fare collection platform that unifies account-based, closed loop and open payments into a single solution that is easy to deploy, operate and manage. It can be provided as a high-performance SaaS offering, and because Vix Pulse is built on a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs), it provides a variety of integration and data sharing options. This allows Vix to focus on bringing new AFC capabilities to operators and delivering projects faster, with the goal of achieving a better customer journey.


One Regional Card for All Integrates Greater Puget Sound Region
Seattle, USA

The contactless ORCA card is used by more than 70 per cent of riders and the system processes in excess of 200 million rides annually on 2,250 buses, plus light rail, commuter rail and ferries.