Stockholm Streets

Vix's RTPI (Real Time Passenger Information) solution delivers the up-to-date information that passengers expect and the operational insights and control that operators demand. We provide a number of different solutions and applications to meet our customers’ requirements, including Automated Vehicle Location and Fleet Management and Tracking. Advanced features such as Traffic Light Priority, for both centralised and local systems, are also provided. This solution has proven itself to deliver the increased fleet utilization and reduced operational costs every operator needs. Vix provides a range of displays on-vehicle and on-street that are core to delivering these benefits for operators.

Vix's RTPI also provides a number of different communication streams for public information, including physical displays, audio outputs, websites and mobile apps. This ensures the right presentation of the right information at the right time for passengers.

Leap Card Evolves with Mobile NFC Application
Dublin, Ireland

In 2011, Vix Technology delivered the Integrated Ticketing Smart Card (“Leap Card”) for the National Transport Authority (NTA) in Dublin. In 2016, Vix partnered with Snapper to develop the innovative Leap Card NFC app, which allows NTA passengers with NFC-enabled Android phones to check card balance and instantly top up – all by simply touching their card against their phone.