Ways That You Can Show Gratitude to Transit Employees

transit employee apprecitation day. Photo by Marjan Blan on Unsplash

Transit Employee Appreciation Day

Today is Transit Employee Appreciation Day. This opportunity gives us all a moment to pause and say a sincere “thank you” to the people who move us. To be sure, one day out of the year is not enough to acknowledge the workforce that keeps the world in motion. Beyond verbally sharing our appreciation for transit employees, there are other ways that you can convey your gratitude throughout the year, no matter your involvement in public transportation.

How an agency can show their appreciation

Here at Vix, we can think of a number of ways to support employees. Our products and solutions have been created with a deep understanding of the obstacles bus operators face. For example, our Mobile Data Terminal helps drivers navigate routes with precision while our All-in-One Driver Console integrates ticketing functionality to seamlessly handle payments on a single device. 

Our solutions for operations makes it more intuitive to manage complex transit systems in real-time while empowering drivers and enhancing passenger safety. Back-office employees deserve a user experience that helps them manage displays, fleets, and fares using the same design principles that a clear interface helps a passenger locate their next bus or calculate fare payment.

In addition to the Vix solution offering, you can support your workforce in other ways. Involving your frontline employees in the feedback process can help meet objectives using the existing technology. Trying to better understand transit analytics? That data blip can be explained by asking the right people in your organization the right questions. Does your customer service department face many of the same questions or respond to similar issues? Their feedback can help uncover issues around persistent questions for things like fare pricing structure or Ticket Vending Machine operations. Closing the loop, communicating answers can reinforce the information provided on FAQ pages and can result in less inquiries. By soliciting feedback and empowering your employees, it can make the entire process efficient for everyone.

Your role as a rider

As a passenger you can do many things to show your appreciation, but being ready is a great start. Keeping buses and trains on schedule is something we can all help improve. You can help ensure that schedules remain on time when your payment is prepped as you board (whether cash, cEMV, or mobile ticketing app).

You can also make the rider experience better for everyone, including the driver. Pause phone conversations during boarding to limit distractions. Avoid eating or drinking on the bus as it will need less intensive cleaning. These actions don’t replace transit employee appreciation, but they help convey it in a way that can speak louder than words.

Vendors can help appreciate transit employees too

Industry change requires help from all, including technology providers. Standardization and openness are common goals, but there is room for improvement. Recent trends throughout the industry have made headways on standardizing data and sharing it in a way that is transparent, but more can be done.

Open systems, especially hardware, can help diminish product churn for transit operators. Platforms designed to integrate with your existing technology, enable agencies to get the most out of your existing tech investments. Being hardware agnostic is a win for systems, passengers, and the environment.


Vix is committed to delivering practical, innovative solutions that transform the daily experiences of transit professionals. Our appreciation for transit employees informs the way we build, innovate, and roll out technology. 

We can all contribute to transit employee appreciation day. Beyond saying “thanks,” agencies can provide the right tools to the right people and incorporate feedback into continuous improvement initiatives. Passengers can demonstrate gratitude by keeping transactions short. Finally, technology providers can share their appreciation by making transit easy, open, and available to everyone.

Trails blaise-d

  • March 18th seems like an arbitrary date to honor transit employees, but it is deeply connected to public transit. It was on this day in 1662 that the Carosses à Cinq Sous, or Five-Penny Coaches, were launched. French renaissance man Blaise Pascal first came up with the concept of carrying multiple passengers, for a standard fare, at fixed times to and from the same stops.
  • For a short time, this revolutionary service provided access to locations across Paris. However, concerns around fare increases and access issues (the service was only available to the bourgeois) proved that this idea was ahead of its time.