Event report: Transports Publics 2018

Transports Publics is one of the leading European exhibitions in the sector. Over 11,000 decision-makers from transport and politics came together at the biennial event to discuss the latest innovations for urban, interurban and regional transport. 

Taking place in Paris, Vix Technology hosted customers and exhibition visitors on the stand, where products were showcased alongside videos from some of our largest projects across the globe.

Led by Vix’s European general manager Jonathan Power and France country manager Tarik Dinane, sales, product and marketing staff from France, the UK and Australia were on hand to support the event. 

The exhibition hall made clear that public transit is undergoing a revolution. Discussions highlighted how passenger needs and desires are changing, as demand for door-to-door mobility continues to rise. Alongside the wider impacts of digitisation in general, stakeholders across the industry need to be able to provide the best possible solutions, amidst increasing financial and political pressures. 

Tarik Dinane commented: “Contactless EMV was one of the most discussed capabilities at the event, something Vix Technology has a wealth of experience in, delivering modern solutions for operators and regional transport organisations across the globe. In 2018 Vix deployed contactless payments for the UK’s largest bus operator Stagecoach, the largest deployment of its kind outside of London. A record breaking project, including Visa’s fastest growing contactless retailer of the year, attention now turns to our customers and partners in France, where we aim to deliver our first major regional cEMV deployment in 2019.

“The reduction of cash payments not only brings operational efficiencies, more importantly it leads to a more efficient boarding experience for passengers, and in turn, a better customer journey.”

France is a key region for Vix. With offices in Besançon and Paris, Vix solutions are deployed across the country.