Rouen, France

Vix Solution Drives Multi-modal, Regionally Interoperable Public Transport Network

For more than 20 years, Métropole Rouen Normandie (MRN) has worked with Vix Technology for an automatic fare collection (AFC) transport ticketing system.

MRN gathers 71 towns and nearly 500,000 people in the Normandie region (county) of France, the area home to the Astuce public transportation system.

Five operators –Transdev Rouen (TCAR), TAE, VTNI, Keolis and Cars Hangard – share the multi-modal network, which includes metro, bus rapid transit, classic buses and on-demand transport. As a metropolis, Rouen accepts passengers on its transit network coming from across the region, thus requiring a zonal pricing system. Rouen wanted a way to manage all zones in the region, and in November 2013 Vix began a project to migrate the city’s transit network to the Vix eBrio+ solution.

Splitting the Normandie region into zones and migrating to Vix eBrio+ has allowed for the transit network to accept 48 zones. Further, the zonal pricing stored on the regional, reloadable smart card (la carte ATOUMOD) allows passengers to travel seamlessly between Rouen and other operators’ transit systems. Also included in this migration was the replacement of hardware (26 points-of-sale and new front-end devices, primarily validators), which was fully completed in April 2017. With Vix eBrio+ successfully implemented, Rouen was able to have a more reliable and sustainable platform.

Vix’s solution allows for the complete management of a mono-modal ticketing system based on the Astuce contactless smart card and magnetic-stripe tickets, as well as the integration within the Normandie region for the ATOUMOD contactless smart card and multi-modal regional ticket on the full Astuce network.

MRN and Vix have a deep shared history, having worked together since 1994 for on-board devices for Rouen’s bus, BRT and Metro network; these machines are connected to the existing system and manage a magnetic ticketing system. In 2006, Rouen renewed its AFC system using Vix’s contactless smart card and magnetic-stripe ticketing system, plus on-board devices, points of sale and inspection devices.

Rouen continued the migration from its existing Vix-supplied fare collection system, evolving the Astuce ticketing system to the Vix eBrio+ product. Custom features that carried over to the new solution included onboard and on-street validators and inspection and inspector devices. The migration project scope included additional custom features (developments, enhancements) such as data migration and zonal product management in the existing hardware.

  • Multi-modal public transport network serves nearly 500,000 passengers in Northern France
  • Astuce network supports more than 53 million rides annually
  • 600 Vix devices deployed to date