Vix Technology and Snapper Services, both members of ICM Mobility Group, have teamed up to transform transit analytics.

The complete picture

Snapper Service’s intuitive Mosaiq Insights platform has been integrated as a transit analytics module within the Vix Beacon ITS platform. The combined solution offers a complete picture of fleet movement, network usage and transit operations.

Long-term collaborators

Vix Technology and Snapper Services have a track record of working together to successfully deliver public transit technology projects in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. By partnering to integrate Mosaiq Insights into Vix Beacon ITS, the two companies offer an enhanced solution to existing and new Vix customers. Putting the reliable data delivered by Beacon at the heart of operators’ decision-making, the partners enable operators to improve the punctuality and reliability of their services.

Vix Beacon ITS is a cloud-native platform that supports the monitoring and management of fleets; and enables the delivery of accurate, timely passenger and driver communications. A comprehensive CAD/AVL solution, it processes static, real-time and predictive data to give a clear picture of transit operations now and in the near future. The system uses Mosaiq Insights to track, analyse and optimise fleet movement and performance.

“Vix Beacon ITS and Mosaiq Insights are a powerful combination for transit operators and authorities,” says Miki Szikszai, CEO of Snapper Services. “Operators and authorities want to work with excellent tools and great data. Together, we’re supplying that. Vix is a natural partner for us, and our collaborative efforts are a great example of the power of partnership and innovation.”

“We’ve been working with Snapper Services for almost a decade on collaborative projects. We’re pleased to join forces again to address the future of data-driven transit,” says Rob Cullingworth, General Manager of Vix Technology for the UK and Ireland.

Customer-first approach

Vix Technology and Snapper Services share a commitment to understanding their customers’ data needs. UX teams carry out interviews with Vix customers to gather feedback, which is used to evolve an increasingly compelling and valuable service.

For customers using Vix’s existing reporting solution – Operator Reports – the transition to the Mosaiq Insights platform is simple. They benefit from a carefully curated onboarding process and access to a dedicated support portal. Knowledgeable advisors from both Vix and Snapper Services are on hand to coordinate a fast and effective response to tickets. 

Going global

The partnership between Vix and Snapper Services has led to the onboarding of more than 10 Vix customers to Mosaiq Insights. The collaboration continues to go from strength to strength, with expansion into new markets as the next step.    

“Vix’s data services reach a new level of sophistication in the Beacon ITS platform. They meet the growing demand for trustworthy, actionable data from multiple sources. Our solution is scalable and can transform transit operations of all sizes, anywhere in the world. We look forward to showing more operators what it can do.” says Rob Cullingworth.    

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