Join our Business Development Manager, Matt Wilks, as he shares key insights from his Quality Bus 2023 presentation on “Real-time Information for All” and provides a detailed look into the implementation of real-time battery displays for Leicester.

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of attending Quality Bus 2023! Alongside local authority leads, industry professionals, government officials, and fellow technology providers, our team enthusiastically showcased our solutions and immersed ourselves in the latest advancements in public transportation.

I was privileged to present a case study on “Real-time Information for All” and the Leicester real-time totems on Day 2 of the event. The presentation aimed to shed light on the transformative impact of real-time information, revolutionising the passenger experience in Leicester and the county. 

Let’s dive into the key aspects covered in my presentation:

Our Role in Leicester’s Transit Upgrade: 

Addressing Passenger Needs:

Customer Satisfaction levels: 

How We’ve Transformed Passenger Experience:

Achieving Design Cohesion:

User Feedback and Positive Impact:

As I reflect on our time at Quality Bus 2023, the encouraging responses to our innovations underline how technology is reshaping the future of public transportation. The real-time totems in Leicester have transformed the way people engage with bus stops, providing easy access to information, cutting down wait times, and elevating overall satisfaction. These strides represent a promising journey toward a connected and passenger-centred future for public transportation.