Encouraging more people to use public transit rather than driving for short trips is key to helping cities meet their climate targets and improve quality of life through reduced congestion. Buses are critical to this but operators face several challenges such as changing travel patterns, tighter budgets, shrinking workforces, and the need to get to grips with rapidly evolving technology.

This webinar recording from 14th June 2023 explores how bus operators can keep services running smoothly and meet rider expectations in unpredictable times.

Our expert panel features Sue Walnut, Product Director at Vix Technology, Gary Googins, previously General Manager for the Americas at Vix Technology, and researcher Daniel Boyle. They share insights and best practices to help operators:

•    Improve passenger confidence through better information
•    Make effective use of data to plan services
•    Apply technology to on-street bus management
•    Maximise the benefits of technology investments
•    Optimise staff training

Watch the full webinar

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