Vix Technology Selected to Design and Deliver Advanced Public Transit Ticketing System

Passengers to benefit from unified ticketing across multiple transit modes as part of the city of Phoenix Transportation 2050 Plan and the Regional Transportation Plan

JULY 24, 2020, PHOENIX – Vix Technology, a global leader in transport ticketing and payment solutions, has been selected by the city of Phoenix and Valley Metro, the region’s transit providers, to implement a new advanced fare collection (AFC) system for public transit.

The solution will move the transit networks from a cash and paper-based ticketing system to an account based, contactless fare collection platform, providing passengers with frictionless regional travel on bus and light rail (and future streetcar). Passengers will have the flexibility to pay via smartphones and contactless cards, and Vix also will work with Phoenix and Valley Metro to design and implement fare models that reward usage and loyalty, including fare-capping through frequency of use options.

The new system comes as part of Phoenix’s Transportation 2050 (T2050) Plan and the Valley Metro Regional Transportation Plan, both of which expand investment in the region for bus services, and light rail and streetcar construction and operation.

The fare solution will be built on Vix’s fourth-generation fare collection platform, Vix Pulse, an innovative multi-modal, multi-operator, fare collection platform that unifies account-based ticketing and contactless payments into a single, secure platform that is easy to operate and manage. At the core is a proven clearing house supporting fare apportionment and settlement for riders moving across multiple agencies’ systems and transferring between modes of transit, as well as a market leading fare engine – both of which will enable the region to evolve and enhance public transit for years to come.

As part of a 19-year capital, operation and maintenance contract, in addition to the back-office system, Vix will also provide a suite of devices including validators and ticket vending machines to support the new system. Through an integration with Unwire, Vix Pulse will support a new innovative mobile application providing advanced trip planning capabilities and allowing riders to pay fares, check balances and top-up account value from their smartphone. The system will be complemented with a robust retail network where cash dependent customers can load their accounts at over 1,000 convenient locations, alongside a call center to provide customer support.

Gary Googins, General Manager Americas, Vix Technology, added: “The new ticketing system will seamlessly integrate multiple operators into a single system for the Phoenix region, addressing fare apportionment and streamlining the management of the service. The city’s bold transport development plan will invigorate the region and unifying the transit modes will simplify the passenger experience, helping to deliver on our mission of providing a better customer journey.”


About Vix Technology

Vix Technology has been designing, delivering, operating and maintaining some of the world’s leading transit ticketing systems for the past 30 years. With innovative smart booking, ticketing and secure payment systems, Vix has helped make public transport more accessible and more cost-effective to operate. Vix has customers in 200 cities across the globe and is passionate about providing a better customer journey for passengers.

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