Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Chooses Vix Technology to Deliver a New, Advanced Fare Collection System

October 5, 2015, DALLAS – Vix Technology, a global leader in smart ticketing and payment
technology solutions, has been selected by DART, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, to implement a
new, state-of-the-art comprehensive fare payment system.

The solution will be an account-based, open payment and PCI compliant fare collection platform.
This new system will allow DART customers the flexibility to pay via NFC-enabled smartphones,
third party or agency-issued transit cards, or use EMV contactless cards.

“The partnership with Vix Technology will put our region on the map with some of the most
advanced fare collection systems in the world, providing a seamless and more user-friendly
experience,” said DART’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, David Leininger.

Open architecture fare collection systems are rapidly becoming a focus in large urban cities with
growing public transportation needs due to scalability, ease of integration with other systems
already in place, and the opportunity to add surrounding regional transit partners.

Doug Thomas, General Manager of Vix Americas said, “The introduction of a new contactless
fare collection system that maximizes convenience for riders in Dallas is a sign that transit
operators are embracing innovative ways to improve customer experience and drive increased

Forward-thinking transit agencies like DART recognize that account-based systems are the new
standard for modern fare collection as they provide flexibility and ensure future-proof solutions
that reduce costs.

Unlike card based systems of the past, account-based systems allow riders to use the type of
payment that is most convenient for them, including traditional agency-issued transit cards, EMV
contactless bank cards, and NFC-enabled smartphone payments such as Apple Pay and
Android Pay. This approach expands the available forms of fare payment media and also provides flexibility to implement complex fare policies since fare calculation and settlement
occurs in the back office

Steve Gallagher, CEO Vix Technology, said, “We couldn’t be happier with the positive feedback
and the growing, global customer base that is moving to implement our solution. The system we
are delivering in Dallas will allow DART to spend more resources in developing and improving
their transportation network and less time on payment collection and processing. Account-based
systems are the way forward and we are excited to be with DART on this project.”

Vix has a strong and proud history of playing an innovative role within the global fare collection
market and is at the forefront of implementing the latest transportation technology. Most recently,
Vix was awarded a contract by the Malaysian Government’s public transport regulator to unify
payments for the country’s multiple transit operators under a single transport ticketing system.


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