Vix shares international perspective on best value at APTA Rail Conference

Vix Account Manager Brandon Goad was a panelist for “An International Perspective on Best Value”, which invited speakers to discuss the role best value plays in the global market place. Highlights of his comments on Vix’s experience in the global procurement area are below.

Procuring a fare collection system requires investment at all levels, making finding the best value a key goal. Vix customers are passionate about their city and providing a more livable environment for their passengers – Vix shares this purpose, to provide passengers with a better customer journey. 

Customers worldwide have found best value with Vix, benefiting from a global pipeline for innovation and market understanding. Evolution is prevalent across the ticketing space, as the industry progresses toward greater convenience and lower friction for passengers while at the same time driving reductions in fare collection cost and increasing their knowledge and understanding of customers and travel patterns. Moving towards contactless EMV (cEMV) and account-based ticketing (ABT) works to accomplish this, driving down costs, increasing customer intimacy and providing that better customer journey for passengers.

Even with a single primary product and solution to propose and a single brand name to sell, no two procurements are exactly alike. Because our teams work cross-functionally across the globe, a team within Vix may have a plethora of backgrounds that they are coming from, resulting in a diverse group that may need to learn for each procurement process about the market and customer to which they are selling.

In this same vein, each individual procurement necessitates educating the stakeholders on the market so that elements such as writing style or language are aligned and don’t do a disservice to the proposal itself. 

All of these factors contribute to determining and defining the best value for a customer’s procurement of a fare collection system. By offering the best value for transit riders – convenient, friction-less ticketing experiences – a transit system can reap the benefits, and this is true in cities and regions around the world.

About APTA Rail:

The APTA Rail Conference was held June 10-13 in Denver, CO. This technical conference featured sessions for all rail modes – urban, commuter, high-speed and intercity – on a range of topics including technology, operations, maintenance and planning.

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