Vix acquisition bolsters Vix SA service, product, support offering

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Vix Technology has concluded negotiations with Questek Holdings to acquire full ownership of its Johannesburg-based transit technology company Vix-Questek, South Africa’s leading provider of integrated fare revenue and back office systems for the bus industry.

The move to full ownership creates a technology powerhouse which combines two organisations with sterling track records and a wealth of experience, amassed over three decades, in transit technology. The strength of the alliance lies in its fusion of international expertise with local knowledge. 

Vix Technology has been designing, delivering, operating and maintaining some of the world’s leading transit ticketing systems for the past 30 years. With innovative smart booking, ticketing and secure payment systems, Vix has helped make public transport more accessible and more cost effective to operate. Vix has customers in 200 cities across the globe and is passionate about providing a better customer journey for passengers.

As the business is brought into the Vix Technology family, the company will be further integrated with the global organisation and rebranded from Vix-Questek to Vix Technology.

Within South Africa, Vix Technology will operate as a regional business unit with Tjaart Kruger continuing at the helm as CEO of Vix South Africa.

Aaron Ross, EMEA Managing Director of Vix Technology, says, “With this significant acquisition, we remain committed to delivering innovative solutions to the South African operators and commuters for decades to come. 

“We are continuously striving for bigger and better ways to shape the future of transport ticketing’s role in providing a better customer journey for passengers worldwide. During my work with the South African team over the last few years, I have witnessed their commitment, passion and expertise in the industry and have no doubt they will be a great fit with our global team.”

Locally, Vix-Questek has provided ticketing technology and solutions for City of Tshwane as well as GO!Durban, and is working on a project in Limpopo uniting numerous bus operators on a common technology platform, streamlining administration of subsidy claims.

Vix Technology has entrenched itself as a pioneer in the design, development, delivery, operation and maintenance of some of the world’s foremost public transport organisations. Vix was the first to: 

  • Develop a smart card system (Darwin, Australia).
  • Introduce the electronic fare collection system (Octopus Card, Hong Kong).
  • Deliver integrated voice and electronic ticket machines for drivers (Oxford, UK).
  • Offer an account-based, open loop payment system that accepts bank-issued credit and debit cards (Salt Lake City, Utah).
  • Provide a large-scale deployment of real-time passenger information using mobile broadband and SMS technology (Yorkshire, UK).
  • Launch electronic and interactive transport timetable signs (Cambridgeshire, UK).

Vix South Africa is intent on creating optimum solutions for local operators by capitalising on its extensive local knowledge while tapping into the resources, knowledge and expertise of its global parent company. The investment signals Vix Technology’s commitment to the South African market and provides it with an inside track on the unique demands of operators in Africa.

Originally posted on Truck & Bus

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