5 minutes with…Shane Quinn, CEO, Vix Technology

Originally posted on SmartRail World

Vix is an expert in the field of ticketing technology, harnessing the latest devices and systems – and developing the next – to give its customers easy access to data and insights and make better journeys for customers. For this week’s 5 minutes with…our reporter Dave Songer speaks to Shane Quinn, Vix Technology’s CEO and leader of operations in more than 200 cities, about what the company continues to focus its attention on, the importance of getting the employee blend right, and what gets him out of bed in the morning.

Dave Songer (DS): Thanks for the time today, what’s led you to working in the public transport industry?

Shane Quinn (SQ): I am a strong believer in smart cities and the value that new business models and technology can bring to people’s lives. I was initially attracted to the transport sector in particular because I could see the main infrastructure providers, such as energy and transit, at the forefront of driving this sort of change and innovation at scale. Also, it’s clear to me that commuters expect greater choice in payment types and added value from available data, and there are many transit agencies embracing this challenge. In general, it feels like a great time to be in this sector.

DS: What do you enjoy most about your role?

SQ: The interaction – both with our customers and people. For example, I recently spent four days in Edmonton, Canada, the home of our newest customer. Along with the US-based Vix Technology team, we presented our solution for Edmonton’s smart fare system to local transit agencies and partners. That opportunity allowed us to witness, first-hand, the deep domain expertise of our team, and to see how they interact with our customers and demonstrate real care for what they are trying to achieve. That’s what makes my role so enjoyable.

DS: What is Vix’s current major focus?

SQ: Our purpose is to provide a better customer journey. We view this in two ways: the first is our goal to make the passenger’s journey more enjoyable and friction-free. Therefore, all that we do in our product and solution design is done with this in mind. The second part is making our customers’ (the agencies and operators) interactions and experiences with Vix Technology the best they possible can. 

DS: What is the biggest professional challenge you’ve faced? 

SQ: To support our growth, we have been investing in the business and have consequently brought a number of key new employees on-board, all of whom bring different and exciting sets of ideas and experiences to the table. Here, the challenge is to make sure that those in the company with deep domain expertise and years of transit industry experience are also heard. If we can successfully manage the blend of the two, I believe this will make a big difference for our customers. It is, however, a delicate balance. 

DS: What will be some of the biggest differences between the passenger journey today rail now and in 10 years’ time?

SQ: With a global trend towards city living and a move away from car ownership, I think that public transit generally will increase in relevance. As it becomes more central to how people get from A to B, they will expect better access to meaningful data, seamless payment options and an integrated journey across multiple transit types. I believe that the increase in demand will drive investment and innovation in the sector to make the journey more enjoyable.

DS: What’s your favourite rail journey? 

SQ: Being in a global company, I spend much of my time travelling and away from my family. Right now, my favourite journey is any trip that has me heading home to be with them.

DS: Great, thanks very much for time, looking forward to keeping up to date with all your latest news.

Originally posted on SmartRail World