Aaron Ross

1 February 2024, Cambridge, UK – Vix Technology has today announced that Aaron Ross, Chief Executive Officer of Kuba Group, will serve as the interim CEO of Vix Technology. Both Kuba Group and Vix Technology are part of the ICM Mobility Group.

Aaron Ross previously worked at Vix from 2015-2020 in various leadership roles and served on its Board of Directors. He will continue in his role as CEO of Kuba Group alongside Vix Technology.

Following his appointment, Aaron commented: “It’s truly a pleasure to be back at Vix. I have a profound respect for the talent and commitment that the Vix team brings to the table every day, and I’m looking forward to working together with our clients to build on our fantastic foundations.”

Steve Gallagher, Chairman of Vix Technology, added: “We have always valued synergies among our family of companies. We know that Aaron’s deep connections with Vix and the industry will help to ensure a seamless transition, with continued focus on delivering great outcomes for all our customers.”

Vix Technology and its Board of Directors thanks David Maitland for his service as Chief Executive Officer and previously as Chief Operating Officer and wishes him the best in his future endeavors.

About Vix Technology
Vix Technology is the global leader in intelligent transportation systems, automated fare collection, and transit analytics. With customers in 200 cities around the world, Vix embraces the complexities of modern public transit to create best-in-class solutions for transit agencies and operators. Vix is passionate about connecting people and communities, combining an open, collaborative mindset with cutting-edge technology to make public transport more accessible and more cost effective for all.

About ICM Mobility Group

Vix is part of the ICM Mobility Group, which is focused on the mobility sector for private and public transport. From planning journeys and issuing smart tickets, to streamlining electronic payments and providing insights, ICM Mobility Group invests in and partners with companies shaping the digital transformation of the mobility sector. To learn more, visit www.icmmobility.com.