Vix Employee Spotlight – Vivian Nee, Regional Manager – APAC

We next head to Melbourne, Australia to shine the Employee Spotlight on Vivian Nee, General Manager of APAC Region.

Vivian has been with Vix for almost 5 years. She is driven by innovation and building meaningful relationships to make a difference to create exceptional customer experiences.

Read on to learn more about Vivian.

What is your current role?

Regional Manager for APAC

What would you say drives you?

Happy customers, as well as innovation in technology! I love being able to build meaningful relationships with customers and knowing that what I do makes a difference. Innovation in technology is also really important to me as advances in technology can make our life more convenient and efficient.

What is your current focus/project?

At the moment we are looking at ways to develop our business in the APAC region, whether it be through partnerships and collaborations, or more specific product and service offerings.

What does your role bring to the business?

My role mainly entails coordinating the sales effort and account management of the entire APAC region.

What are some of the more significant changes you have seen with transit as a whole since you started?

There seems to be a significant focus now on environmental sustainability in transit and reducing our carbon footprint. I believe a lot of transport authorities and operators are now looking at solutions that involve electrification of vehicles rather than conventional modes of transport. Climate change is definitely a very relevant and hot topic that we all need to address.

What is your perspective on the industry and its future?

I believe the transport industry is evolving to ensure a more greener future, but also a more convenient one where there will be a plethora of payment options, mobility apps and MaaS services. Encouraging more people to choose public transport rather than individual modes of transport will hopefully ease road congestion and lead to more livable cities and a better quality of life.

Vivian Nee

How do you wind down after work?

Enjoying a meal with my family and enjoying family movie night!

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t ever settle for mediocrity. An old manager of mine said to me as a graduate “don’t ever become mediocre, mediocrity kills your career!”.

What parts of our mission do you connect with?

Using technology to create effortless journeys from start to finish. Public transport is such a vital component to any society and to be able to assist in making that journey as easy as possible is a noble goal.

Which Vix workplace benefits are your favorite and why?

Before the pandemic, when commuting to the office was the norm, I enjoyed the free fruit basket that was available in the kitchenette. It sounds ridiculous and small, but sometimes it’s the really small things that we appreciate the most.

What was your first job?

I used to work in the deli section at Safeway (now known as Woolworths supermarket).

Seen anything lately that made you smile?

Watching how excited my 5 year old son was when his first tooth fell out and the eager anticipation of what the tooth fairy may bring.