Using Data and Analytics to Drive Mobility Information and Insights

What do you do with rider data once you have it?

Sue Walnut, Product Director UK&I, shares her thoughts on making data driven decisions.

Sue Walnut Photo

For more than 35 years, Vix has been a leader in fare collection, intelligent transport systems and transit data and analytics. No doubt, we’ve heard (and used) our fair share of buzzwords in the transportation tech space. Big data, gamification, robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT, digitization—the list goes on.

And for the last few years, there’s been a lot of discussion around how transit agencies can acquire and own their rider data, and control rider relationships. Discussion which has been taken seriously across the industry!

So, in a world where you’ve invested to create your own data lakes and you have what you’ve wished for, what do you do with it now? If you’re just using it to run the same reports you always have, which you then extract into a spreadsheet, below are some ideas for what to do differently.

Vix transit analytics solutions close the gaps between the vast array of data sources generated by transportation systems, generating actionable insights and placing them in the hands of teams across the organization securely.

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