This month we shine the Employee Spotlight on Business Development Manager UKI, Daniel Jacklin.

Daniel, a seasoned professional with 18 years at Vix, began his journey as an Engineer and now serves as the Business Development Manager for UKI. His dedication to enhancing public transportation through innovation and collaboration, combined with his diverse experience drives his passion for success.

Read on to learn more about Daniel.

Employee Spotlight Daniel Jacklin

How did you get your start here at Vix?

I joined as a field engineer after completing my electrical / electronic apprenticeship at BAE systems. I’ve had many roles from Team Leader, Project Engineer and Project Manager before moving into the sales team.

What is your current role?

Business Development Manager in the UK&I.

What would you say inspires you?

I’m inspired by the need for improved passenger experiences in public transportation, seen during my engineering days. Passionate colleagues and customers, along with family achievements, motivate me. Seeing the impact of my work drives me, even through challenges. I’m committed to enhancing public transportation through innovation and collaboration.

Daniel Jacklin

How long have you been in the transit industry?

18 years in March. (I have to pay a bet to a former colleague and friend at 20 years)

What does your role bring to the business?

As a Business Development Manager, I drive strategic growth and expand market reach by fostering key relationships and leveraging market insights. My negotiation skills and cross-functional collaboration drive revenue and profitability while aligning business objectives.

What do you like most about your career?

The majority of my working career has been with Vix which has given me the opportunity to gain experience in many areas of the business but it’s the flexibility to do this around family life which has allowed me to excel.

If you had a chance to dedicate six months to only one project, what would it be?

To dedicate myself to one project would be amazing and there are few better than being part of the team delivering RTI to the streets of London. Or even Brighton!

How do you wind down after work?

Having 4 children means there is little time to wind down but the change of focus from business to family in the evenings keeps things varied. Breaks away with the family are what I look forward to too.

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

There are many quotes but one that stands out to me is “A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” It emphasises the importance of embracing challenges and stepping out of one’s comfort zone to achieve greater accomplishments.

What is your team like?

There is vast experience in my immediate team from many backgrounds and I always have someone to ask for advice or assistance if needed even if it’s not what I wanted to hear at that time!

Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company?

There are loads past and present but they all have something in common and that’s their work ethic.

What’s your favourite place you’ve ever visited?

Barbados was pretty cool and with an amazing culture. Will hopefully get to return in the future.