A Better Customer Journey

Vix Technology is an industry leader in transport ticketing, implementing and managing automated fare collection, payments, access and passenger information systems. Our solutions help transport authorities ease passenger movement and embrace new innovations, to provide the most efficient transit system possible for their passengers.

Ultimately, our shared purpose is a better customer journey.

30 Years of Innovation

For the past 30 years we have focused solely on transport ticketing solutions. From the very beginning, we have been passionate about changing the way passengers commute and have led the evolution of transport ticketing solutions. As the industry moves towards account-based systems, we have continued to innovate and enhance our offering to support these advanced solutions.

Vix was the first to:

  • Develop a smart card system (Darwin, Australia in 1987)
  • Introduce the automated fare collection system (Octopus Card, Hong Kong)
  • Deliver integrated voice and electronic ticket machine for drivers (Oxford, UK)
  • Offer an account-based, open loop payment system that accepts bank-issued credit and debit cards (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • Provide a large-scale deployment of real-time passenger information (RTPI) relying on mobile broadband and SMS technology (Yorkshire, UK)
  • Launch electronic and interactive transport timetable signs (Cambridgeshire, UK)

Our innovations have led to prestigious international recognition, including MasterCard’s Transport Ticketing Technology of the Year for Salt Lake City’s advanced fare collection system and the Intelligent Transport Society’s UK Forward Thinking Award for the Transport for London Countdown Project.

Vix is also the only company to have won the prestigious Sesame Award for Smart Card Technology in the Transport category three times - for Hong Kong, Singapore and Salt Lake City.

We’re a Collaborative Company

At Vix, we don’t just work for our customers, we partner with them. We know transit operators are passionate about their city and customers and so are we. We build long-term relationships because we want our customers to succeed in providing a better journey for their passengers.

 A Global Company

Vix has deep, widespread experience working on projects around the world. We are proud to have partnered with transport authorities in more than 200 cities and regions around the globe and with more than 650 personnel across more than 10 countries, we understand that every customer journey is different.


Our Commitment to Excellence

Vix's team is dedicated to ensuring the solutions delivered will constantly evolve with changing industry and passenger needs. Our local product support and service delivery are spearheaded by an experienced, committed and globally supported organisation.

We are proud of our achievements, however we will continuously strive for bigger and better ways to shape the future of transport ticketing’s role in providing a better customer journey for millions of commuters worldwide.

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Our Timeline


Vix Mobile Solution Takes ATAC Passenger Experience to the Next Level
Rome, Italy

Vix Technology has been partnering Rome’s public transport authority (ATAC) on automated fare collection for 15 years, building off a €60M investment in the region from 2000-2009 to build an AFC system supporting the Metrebus scheme.