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Automated Fare Collection And Transit Solutions in Portland, OR

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Automated Fare Collection And Transit Solutions in Portland, OR

Vix Technology has been a global leader in automatic fare collection, transit information, and transit analysis for over 35 years. We are committed to building long-term partnerships with transit agencies, operators, and more in Portland to create solutions and solve problems to get the most out of your transit solutions. 

Vix Technology systems have been implemented in over 200 cities and regions across the world. We have 17 offices worldwide, including North America and Europe, and have deployed over 500k devices. At Vix Technology, we offer useful devices with solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can optimize your transit system. 

Automated Fare Collection

With our Vix Automated Fare Collection (AFC) solutions, we can help streamline the ticketing experience for your passengers by offering convenient payment and token options. Our complete AFC solutions include:

  • Validation and inspection

Validation and inspection devices are sleek and modern, and are great for mounting on panels, poles, vehicles, gates, and platforms. 

  • Payment Processing

A PCI-DSS compliant secure middle office application for processing contactless EMV fare payments across card schemes and acquirers.

  • AFC Management

A modular platform for managing fares using a cloud-native back-office platform to manage fares, products, schemes, sales, and tokens.

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Data Insights

Vix Technology offers data insight solutions generated by our AFC systems to help make the data easier to process by generating actionable insights. With Passenger Data, you can identify unmet demand and help fill gaps by optimizing routes. Operation Data helps you identify issues before they happen to help ensure revenue collection runs smoothly. Location Data helps you keep planning and scheduling on track.

Intelligent Transport

Intelligent Transport with Vix Technology gives you real-time data, driver communications, and passenger information that helps passengers make safer, smarter, and more efficient use of our technology. Real time information keeps passengers informed by providing live service updates. Real time vehicle monitoring helps you fill in transit gaps quickly, and two-way communications allow drivers and passengers to communicate. 

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Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) takes the integration of transport systems to the next level, with the focus on customer mobility. Vix Technology’s solution places agencies and operators at the centre of the MaaS ecosystem by incorporating both public and private transport services, information, payment, and ticketing into a single digital platform. Our solutions are universal and provide native support for all ticket and product types. Our solutions are flexible and support complex multi-operator and provider systems.

Mobile Ticketing

Mobile ticketing merges fare media into a single wallet. This gives the passenger easy access to their account, tickets, and travel passes. Through mobile applications, passengers can purchase fares, access live transit information, obtain receipts, and more. Customers appreciate the ability to purchase tickets from their phone. These applications also provide the passenger with real-time data, giving them needed information to choose the best routes.

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We partner with leading companies worldwide to deliver groundbreaking technology supported by 35 years of exceptional knowledge, experience, and insight. If you’d like us to create a more streamlined journey for your passengers and operators, let’s talk.