Vix provides a full portfolio of devices as part of our automated fare collection (AFC) systems. These devices are proven in deployments around the globe demonstrating exceptional robustness in a range of operating environments. Vix's device portfolio includes readers and validators, ticket machines, gate solutions and inspection devices. These solutions are seamlessly integrated with Vix back-end solutions and services.



Vix readers make public transport faster, simpler and more convenient. Our range of contactless smart card readers are designed to meet the evolving needs of ticketing and payments in transit. Our readers can be integrated and customized to specific applications and for a mix of technologies including smartphones, payment cards, paper tickets and transit and third-party smart cards. They provide rapid response times, excellent reliability and easy ongoing management and configuration for excellent lifetime cost.

Our readers and validators come in a range of form factors and capabilities to address the varying needs of our global customer base. This approach ensures the right solution is available across all transit modes and transit systems. Devices are available for both on-vehicle and on-platform use.

Our entry-level system provides an EMV solution that is small in dimensions with the whole face acting as target area. Balance checks, top ups and ticket purchases are also supported by devices in the range. Further enhancements are provided via integration with other on-board devices such as vehicle location systems, automatic vehicle management systems, portable handheld inspection devices and computers. A range of communication and interface options ensure reliable connectivity and capacity for future upgrades and additional services.

Gate Solutions

Vix supplies gate technology to make it easier and faster for transit authorities to move passengers in and out of stations. Our Flap Gate is designed for pedestrian control in mass transit systems and comes with a range of advanced applications. These include sensors to detect tailgating and breach of security attempts, and a Gate Attendant Controller (GAC), to simplify gate management.

Inspection Devices

Vix's portable handheld terminal is designed for inspection purposes, but can also be used for ticket sales or validation. We offer lightweight devices that give users a range of advanced functionality including inspection of magnetic, smart card, optical and contactless tickets and tokens. This is all provided in devices with a range of high-speed connectivity options and compliance with the required global and local payment and security standards.

Ticketing Machines

Vix ticketing solutions can be provided for either on-vehicle or on-platform deployment. Vix also has integrated ticketing within our range of on-vehicle and on-platform readers. This delivers a cost-effective and low footprint solution that is an easy-to-use solution for passengers.

All our ticketing solutions provide the robustness for which Vix devices are renowned.

Vix Mobile Solution Takes ATAC Passenger Experience to the Next Level
Rome, Italy

Vix Technology has been partnering Rome’s public transport authority (ATAC) on automated fare collection for 15 years, building off a €60M investment in the region from 2000-2009 to build an AFC system supporting the Metrebus scheme.