Solutions For Transit Authorities and Operators

Transit is experiencing a period of rapid change for passengers – from user experience to payment options to providers – as well as business models, competition and technology. Vix designs, builds, delivers, operates and maintains some of the world's leading transit schemes. Our solutions are highly scalable and built for efficiently linking together a complex network of partners. We have a proven track record in secure, reliable, high volume transaction processing, and offer all fare modes and payment methods including closed loop systems (smart cards/ePurse), open loop systems and payments (contactless EMV), account-based solutions and mobile payments, top ups, apps and ticketing.

Vix solutions give you easy access to data and insights needed to drive business and service improvements - and we develop open architecture platforms to readily take advantage of emerging technologies and trends.


Automated Fare Collection

Fare collection is an integral business function for public transport operators and authorities. Vix's automated fare collection (AFC) solutions deliver market-leading performance built on more than 30 years of global success and innovation in transit ticketing. Our solutions are an essential part of fare collection, payment, settlement and processing for transit authorities around the world. We enable operators to ease passenger movement, embrace new innovation and provide a better customer journey for passengers.

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The fundamental requirements of an automated fare collection system are reliability, security and fare policy support and that these needs are evolving all the time. With this in mind, Vix is continually upgrading and developing our AFC solution offerings.

Our portfolio includes Vix Pulse, an innovative multi-modal, multi-operator automated fare collection platform that unifies account-based, closed loop and open payments into a single solution that is easy to deploy, operate and manage. Operators can choose which of these services they wish to implement, or start with one and add more as needs change. Vix Pulse can be provided as a high performance SaaS offering, enabling rapid deployment and service-based business models. AFC services can be turned on or off as required to provide a system tailored to an operator’s unique circumstances.


Our Solutions

The key principles for the success of any automated fare collection solution are simple deployment and integration, and the data and insights within the product are open and accessible to third-party systems. Vix Pulse provides a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable a variety of integration and data sharing options. This enables Vix to focus on bringing new AFC capabilities to operators and delivering projects faster.

We are committed to constantly enhancing our automated fare collection solutions, including input from customers around the globe.

Vix Pulse

Vix Pulse is a high performance, secure, reliable and auditable AFC and transit payments solution that is shaping the future of transport and passenger experience.

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Vix Whisper

Vix Whisper is a cloud-based, end-to-end, contactless payments service that maintains PCI compliance while allowing transit operators to simplify the passenger journey and focus on fare innovation.

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Vix’s portfolio of fare collection devices are proven in deployments around the world, demonstrating exceptional robustness in a range of operating situations. These include readers and validators, ticketing machines, gates and inspection devices, and seamlessly integrate with our back-end solutions.

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Vix's RTPI (Real-Time Passenger Information) solution is based on our successful and evolving BusNet Real Time Information system. We provide a number of different solutions and applications to meet our customers' needs, including Automated Vehicle Location, Fleet Management and Tracking and On-Vehicle Passenger Information. The BusNet system provides various ways to convey information to passengers on-vehicle, including audio and visual.

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