Assure Flex – Contactless EMV Inspection & Validation

Flex Device

Assure Flex Features and Benefits

The Assure Flex handheld provides a complete mobile public transit fare collection solution that can be used for revenue inspection and transit token validation for EMV and account-based ticketing fare collection systems. 

Provided in a slim, portable form factor the Flex handheld offers support for contactless EMV and transit tokens, contact EMV bank cards, and 2D barcode tickets as well as offering an option for an integrated printer for receipts.

The Assure Flex is multifunctional. It has the option to print receipts and provides support for inspection and validation of:

  • EMV
  • ABT
  • 2D barcode transit tokens

The Assure Flex handheld is designed to implement the most stringent security requirements of public transit AFC solutions. Integrated device management and monitoring provide various tools that allow transit operators to track and control devices in the field including the ability to control which secure and non-secure applications are installed. Stay connected with a 4G cellular modem, Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

Key Features

  • Handheld ticket validation and inspection
  • Contactless
  • Card-based and account-based validation
  • NFC mobile phone validation
  • Bar code validation
  • EMV L1, EMV L2 & PCI-PTS certified
  • IK10 and IP66 rated enclosures
  • 4G cellular, Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS as standard
  • Color touchscreen
  • Optional integrated printer for receipts

Why Choose Vix Technology for Contactless Fareboxes?

Vix is a global provider of integrated transit and mobility systems making it easy for people to use and pay for urban transport.

Vix Technology has been in the transit fare industry for over 35 years and has designed and implemented custom transit solutions in 25 countries serving over 140 million riders. Today we service over 200 transit agencies around the globe with over 500,000 devices helping riders process over 5 billion fares per year.

Vix products and services encompass a wide range of transport and transit solutions including Automated Fare Collection (AFC), Intelligent Transport System (ITS), Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI), and Central Clearing House (CCH) services.

We guarantee our products and services with ongoing support. We help design, install, launch, maintain, and upgrade our systems to provide exceptional service for transit agencies as well as riders.