Vix is proud to be a global leader in transit ticketing and fare collection, and we are constantly striving to engage in conversations in and around the industry. We partner with key companies to design and deliver complete solutions and are members of some of the top global transportation and payments organisations. We attend and speak at industry events, engage with partners to help us deliver the next and most innovative ticketing scheme, and challenge and inspire the industry to move forward.





We have received numerous awards and accolades throughout our 30-year history, earning recognition for our innovative technology solutions and customer support around the world. Vix is the only company to have won the prestigious Sesame Award for Smartcard Technology in the Transport category three times - for our projects in Hong Kong, Singapore and Salt Lake City.

Transport Supplier of the Year award for delivering cEMV across Stagecoach's UK bus fleet, 2017

The 17th Annual National Transport Awards celebrates the projects that have shown to improve the experience for their transport users and ultimately add to the successful development of the nation's transport infrastructure.


MasterCard Transport Ticketing, Transport Ticketing Technology of the Year Award for eO, Utah, 2014

This category is to recognise a ticketing technology or solution company which has developed a brand new product that is set to revolutionise ticketing as we know it.



Contactless & Mobile Award for NFC and Contactless Technology in the Public Domain, Farepay Project, Utah, 2014

NFC and contactless technology enables innovative and convenient public sector applications. From health to local government, from education to electronic services - in this category we award successful implementation in the public domain.



Intelligent Transport Society UK Scheme of the Year Award for the Weymouth Showcase Programme, Dorset, 2012

Intelligent Transport Society UK Forward Thinking Award for the Transport for London Countdown Project, London, 2012

The awards are open to any organisation or individual with a UK business office and that has a significant UK ITS content - defined as the use of IT and communications technologies for surface transport applications.


UK National Transport Excellence in Technology Award for Go Ahead, 2011

This category is open to any organisation using new technologies to assist in the transport planning or running of transport operations. We need to see evidence that the project has brought about good results, demonstrated benefits to users and/or efficiencies throughout the operation.


UITP PTx2 Technology and Innovation Award for SISMO Project, Oise, France, 2011

The UITP Awards acknowledge ambitious and innovative sustainability mobility projects contributing to UITP's goal to double the global, public transport market share by 2025.

European Transportation Expo Innovation Award for Intelligent Transport Systems, SISMO Project, Oise, France, 2010

The Public Transport Innovation awards is a contest that honours the best innovations, ensuring they get maximum exposure.


BlackBerry Elite Alliance Achievement Award, 2010

The Blackberry Achievement Awards are presented to organisations that are doing business in new and innovative ways with BlackBerry products and services.

Sesames Award for Open Payments Solution, Utah, 2009

Organised as part of Trustech, the SESAMES Awards are a competition showcasing innovation and providing media exposure. An undisputed hallmark of excellence, the SESAMES Awards are given to the best technological innovations in the trust-based technologies industry.


APTA Innovation Award Winner for UTA Transportation System, 2009

The Innovation Award is for demonstrating innovative concepts in the provision of public transportation services.



RTiG-Inform Award for Innovation - Coventry Primelines Project, 2009

The Award is given to the individual or team that has, in the opinion of the judges, contributed the most exciting innovation in the area of passenger transport information and technology. It is open to anyone - public or private section, member or non-member - and for anything innovative - product or service, research, trial or commercialisation.

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