Manchester, UK

TfGM Chooses Vix Devices for its Automated Fare Collection Solution

The Transport Authority for the Greater Manchester region (TfGM) needed a smart card-based automated fare collection (AFC) system to improve public transport for its citizens.

In 2012, TfGM envisioned a solution that would provide greater convenience and flexibility to passengers and anticipated that this would improve passenger satisfaction and increase overall ridership. Due to Vix Technology’s experience with both ITSO and contactless card payments, Vix was selected as the validator provider for the project, and in 2015, Vix became the prime contractor. The ITSO component of the TfGM system has been operational since mid-2014.

For this project, Vix provided the PCP6100 rail platform validator. This rugged validator accepts ITSO and contactless eMV cards, supporting the variable fare model of contactless EMV payments. In addition, Vix contributions included:

  • The TRACS Fare Management and Reporting System - used to manage the ITSO fare products validated by the PCP6100 validators and define fare products available in the system
  • The Vix Device Manager - a PCI compliant device management system that provides facilities for the monitoring, command and control of payment devices in the field
  • The Vix Key Management Facility - provides a PCI compliant and secure mechanism for the generation, import and storage of encryption keys for the validators

Following deployment of the validators and supporting software, Vix has continued to provide ongoing support for the system, which includes the operation of the validators, hardware maintenance, device hardware and software support, and software maintenance.

More than 34.3 million passenger journeys were made across the TfGM network in FY 2015-16, an increase of 10 per cent from the previous year. During this same period, customer satisfaction improved to 89 per cent, a four per cent increase. And, the anticipated completion of the Second City Crossing in 2017 is expected to increase numbers even more.

  • Ridership has grown from approximately 19 million (FY 2011) to nearly 34 million (FY 2016)
  • TfGM's light rail network (Metrolink, largest of its kind in the UK) covers nearly 60 miles with fleet of nearly 100 trams
  • Projected ridership on Metrolink is more than 40 million annual journeys by 2020