Seattle, USA

One Regional Card for All Integrates Greater Puget Sound Region

In April 2009, Vix launched the multi-modal One Regional Card for All (ORCA) in Seattle and the surrounding Puget Sound area, which riders could use to pay fares across seven different public transit agencies.

Today, the contactless ORCA card is used by more than 70 per cent of riders and the system processes in excess of 210 million rides annually on 2,250 buses, plus light rail, commuter rail and ferries.

Prior to Vix’s partnership each agency operated separately and riders paid each leg of a journey individually at full fare, even if they utilised more than one agency. The agencies also found reconciling financial transactions difficult as riders moved across services, adding to the already-high costs of collecting cash. Furthermore, the agencies needed to boost overall ridership in a fast-growing, increasingly technology-savvy region.

Vix’s innovative solution transformed the rider experience while helping the agencies scale and respond to rider needs. Designed, built and operated by Vix, the electronic fare collection (EFC) system supports fare transaction processing, settlement and apportionment for the agencies.

Additionally, Vix has helped to implement and manage multiple ORCA card benefits and features, including:

  • Support of multiple fare products, including ePurse and passes
  • Providing tools for third-party institutions (e.g. university, employer) to self-manage programs
  • Accommodations for anonymous or registered riders

As further expansion is planned over the next 25 years, including a potential 62 miles of new light rail, the ORCA system will continue to help Seattle area commuters connect.

  • More than 210 million annual rides
  • Services a population of more than 3 million in the central Puget Sound
  • Card-based solution integrating 7 different Puget Sound transit agencies
  • Calculates per-agency revenue based on set of apportionment rules