Rome, Italy

Vix Mobile Solution Takes ATAC Passenger Experience to the Next Level

Vix Technology has been partnering with Rome’s public transport authority (ATAC) on Automated Fare Collection (AFC) for 15 years.

In 2000, Vix signed a contract to supply outsourcing for the region’s new AFC system; the Lazio Region was investing €60M to build an AFC system supporting the Metrebus. Vix’s contract became a supply contract in 2005, concentrating business to the city of Rome. In 2013-14, Vix was awarded most AFC tenders in the region and began expansion in both transit and non-transit business. Software and maintenance contracts have been put in place and continue today.

Metrebus Ticketing uses an integrated fare scheme across the three main public transport operators in the city of Rome and the surrounding area (Cotral, ATAC and Trenitalia Regionale). The Rome system is the largest transit fare collection solution in Europe to use a combination of contact tickets and contactless smart cards. A central clearing house manages the system and provides financial control and general reports for the operators.

Given the long-standing relationship with Vix, in May 2015 when ATAC wanted to upgrade their existing system Vix was selected to deliver an open system for mobile ticketing. When it was completed, the new platform allowed ATAC riders to buy and display their travel tickets using mobile phones from a range of applications managed by selected third-party ticket vendors. Vix also delivered the back office infrastructure that provides a wide range of role-based administrative capabilities, libraries for third-party ticket vendors, a mobile phone app for revenue officers and validators across the network that enable the existing system to integrate with the newly selected third-party ticket suppliers.

Today, the Vix ticketing platform used in the Rome area supports millions of transactions each year.

Rome’s system includes more than 8,000 validators, 1,000 gates and 250 ticket vending machines and passengers are able to purchase and reload cards at more than 2,200 points of sale. Additionally, a central clearing house manages the system and provides financial control and general reports for the operators.

ATAC has lead the way in adopting innovative IT solutions for public transport and the technology provided by Vix enables ATAC to easily upgrade the existing closed-loop ticketing system to integrate with mobile ticketing without disruption to passengers.

  • Solution for ATAC supports millions of AFC transactions per day
  • Passengers are able to purchase and reload at over 2,200 points of sale
  • Mobile platform supports over 1.5 billion transactions per year