Dublin, Ireland

Leap Card Evolves with Mobile NFC Application

Vix Technology has been working with the National Transport Authority (NTA) on fare collection solutions for six years, and is currently the system integrator for the RTPI system operating across the public transportation networks of Ireland’s major cities.

Vix provides the central system engine, which takes inputs from Dublin Bus AVL/Bus Eireann AVL and Luas and outputs the data on to over 700 street displays and the National Journey Planner. Vix also plans to help integrate the North and South systems to facilitate real-time passenger information (RTPI) for cross-border travel.

Vix currently works with the NTA to support its Integrated Ticketing Smart Card (Leap Card) Scheme. In 2016, Vix and the NTA became the first public sector body in Ireland to introduce NFC technology on a large-scale basis. This was instigated due to passengers struggling with delays in checking card balances, collecting pre-purchased tickets, and needing to physically visit vending machines or point-of-sale shops to top up. Vix partnered with Snapper to develop the innovative Leap Card NFC mobile app (“Leap Top-Up App”), which allows NTA passengers with NFC mobile wallet-enabled Android phones to check their card balance and instantly top-up with travel credit or collect pre-purchased tickets – all by simply touching their card against their phone. In December 2016, the value of top-ups exceeded €1.5M, and this figure is expected to rise.

NTA reported an increase in ridership of 10 million passengers from 2016 to 2017 (approximately 4.4%).

The NTA won an excellence in innovation award in 2015 for this product, and was nominated for an award in Transport Ticketing in the UK in 2017.

  • More than 2.5 million Leap Cards in use
  • Leap Cards alone process nearly 100 million journeys annually
  • Leap Card NFC app recorded €1,000,000 in top ups for the month of November 2016