Dallas, USA

Account-Based Ticketing System Helps Innovative Transit Agency Grow and Advance

With the city of Dallas and the surrounding region experiencing one of the country’s largest population booms, the regional transit network needed to grow and advance.

Already moving more than 220,000 riders daily around Dallas and 12 surrounding cities, DART's modern, multi-modal public transit services includes bus, commuter, light rail and paratransit.

DART had previously relied on cash collection, magstripe card swipes at fareboxes and ticket purchases via TVMs. Furthermore, riders could only prepay for a monthly pass for the next calendar month, meaning they needed to have funds available ahead of time. Wanting to give their riders flexibility while providing future-proof solutions that reduce costs, DART sought a ticketing system that would provide an improved experience for riders and operators alike.

Built on the fourth generation AFC product Vix Pulse, DART’s GoPass Tap system enables lower income and cash customers to benefit from the same cost savings as those purchasing monthly travel cards up front. The secure and PCI compliant GoPass Tap offers a fast and simple alternative to pay fares, offering riders pay-as-you-go products and guaranteeing they will get the best fare available to them based on their usage.

Vix provides a suite of hardware products including inspection devices and validators, and will be enabling open loop contactless bank card and mobile payments later in 2019, whilst continuing to deploy additional benefits for DART riders and the operator as the system continues to evolve.

  • Supports 66M rides per year
  • Multi-modal system with bus, commuter and light rail and paratransit
  • Accepts closed loop smart cards, contactless bank cards and mobile tickets