Dallas, USA

Vix Technology Supports DART’s Integrated Fare Payment System

When Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) sought to modernize its fare payment options into one comprehensive, multi-agency system, the agency selected Vix Technology.

DART, which serves the 9th largest U.S. city, adopted a state-of-the-art, account-based, open payment fare collection system, integrated with its award-winning GoPass® mobile app, that offers a range of payment options for riders.

Vix Touchless Transit encompasses rail, Dallas Streetcar, bus, paratransit and microtransit services and allows riders the flexibility to pay fares with NFC-enabled smartphones, third-party or agency-issued transit cards, and cEMV contactless bank cards —all within DART’s GoPass® platform. Touchless Transit makes transit system operators like DART more cost-effective by reducing payment friction through PCI-compliant cEMV and NFC technologies, and by providing access to a growing innovation ecosystem. Touchless Transit also makes public transport safer for riders and for transit workers through contactless payment options and retail cash reloads that reduce cash collection on buses.

Vix Touchless Transit is a state-of-the-art fare collection system that allows riders to use the most convenient payment option for them, and also provides flexibility to implement advanced fare policies such as fare capping and distance-based fares. Vix enables DART and other agencies to implement fare capping to improve rider equity and increase ridership by enabling lower-income and cash customers to benefit from the same cost savings as those purchasing monthly travel passes up-front. The secure and PCI-compliant GoPass® Tap card offers a fast and simple alternative to pay fares, offering riders pay-as-you-go products and guaranteeing they will get the best fare available to them based on their usage.

DART’s GoPass® automated fare collection platform serves as many as 200,000+ daily riders (66 million annually) across Dallas and 12 surrounding municipalities. The system includes a 93-mile (150-kilometer) light rail network, the longest in the U.S. Vix is also deploying a suite of hardware products across the network to support DART’s GoPass® platform, including inspection devices and validators.

Contactless bank card payment trials for the entire DART network began in September 2020 and will launch to the public in 2021.

  • DART ridership is approximately 66 million rides per year
  • Expanding, multi-modal system with rail, bus, paratransit, streetcar and microtransit services
  • Accepts NFC-enabled smartphones, third party or agency-issued transit cards, and cEMV contactless bank cards