Cape Town, South Africa

MyCiTi Program Brings Contactless Payments to Cape Town Transit

In 2013 Vix Technology partnered with ICT Works and the City of Cape Town to provide the award-winning MyCiTi fare collection solution to replace paper tickets.

Prior to the introduction of the program Cape Town’s commuters experienced travel delays, such as needing to stop at a kiosk every day to purchase a ticket and waiting for conductors to inspect tickets at checkpoints. Many riders could also only pay for their fares using cash, which was not only inconvenient but also posed a security risk.

Vix implemented an open payments system that enabled the use of bank-issued contactless credit cards for travel. Issued by Absa Bank, these cards also provided people who previously didn’t have a bank account access to a contactless payment method that could be used for paying fares, as well as being used as a debit card to purchase low-value items (to a maximum limit) from participating retailers.

Over 750,000 cards have been issued since the MyCiTi Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) System launched, providing a valuable social benefit to the community, while the tap in and tap out system means fares are calculated and deducted accurately. Riders also benefit with faster boarding and payment and easier management of their account - cards can be pre-loaded at the beginning of the month so daily commutes are always paid for automatically.

With the help of Vix, the system currently operates across 210 buses and 35 bus rapid transit (BRT) stations supporting more than 35,000 daily passenger trips. Vix is now working on further system enhancements including expanding the system to suit the city’s growth plans through the introduction of Card Vending Machines, Park and Ride Integration, New Bus Routes and Card Balance Readers.

  • More than 750,000 cards issued since launch in 2013
  • System processes 1.4 million journeys per month (nearly 17 million journeys annually)
  • MyCiTi services include bus rapid transit, minibus taxies, Metrorail and privately owned bus operators