Vix Powered Smartcard Launches In Manchester

Manchester, United Kingdom, June 30, 2011. Transport Minister Norman Baker today launched Stagecoach’s innovative smartcard scheme ‘StagecoachSmart’ in Manchester.

The scheme, using a system by Vix Technology, allows Stagecoach bus passengers an alternative to paper tickets by using a smart card to pay for their travel through a convenient automated payment system.

In a press release issued by Stagecoach announcing the launch of StagecoachSmart, Local and Regional Transport Minister, Norman Baker said “I very much welcome the introduction of this new smartcard initiative for bus passengers in Manchester. It will make bus travel simpler and more attractive, cut carbon and encourage more people out of their cars and onto buses.”

More than 200,000 smartcard transactions are now made on Stagecoach’s bus and rail services each day leading the way in working towards Norman Baker’s vision to have all public transport covered by smartcard technology by 2020.

“Smart ticketing can lead to more efficient, seamless journeys for passengers. I want to see this being rolled out to all modes of public transport in England as quickly as possible and this announcement from Stagecoach is another positive step towards that.” Said Minister Baker.

Vix Technology is regarded as one of the world’s leading transport ticketing companies and every day it’s technology handles 20 million passenger trips worldwide and processes 50 million financial transactions.

Chief Executive Officer, Steve Gallagher commented on the minister’s vision saying “We are seeing this trend globally at the moment as both developed and developing nations recognise the importance of convenient payment systems and technology in growing public transport patronage. We’re excited to be working with Stagecoach in the UK to deliver this vision.”