Industry & Events

Vix is proud to be a global leader in transit ticketing and fare collection, and we are constantly striving to engage in conversations in and around the industry. We partner with key companies to design and deliver complete solutions and are members of some of the top global transportation and payments organisations. We attend and speak at industry events, engage with partners to help us deliver the next and most innovative ticketing scheme, and challenge and inspire the industry to move forward in any way we can.


Vix is proud to have been the lead sponsor of Transport Ticketing Global 2017, held 24-26 January in London. Check out highlights of the event here.

Our Memberships
Real Time Passenger Information Systems for the City of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK

Since 2005, Vix Technology has supplied a Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) system to the City of Cambridge. The city’s bus rapid transit system services 3.6 million passengers per year along the longest guided bus route in the world.