Cambridge, UK

Real Time Passenger Information Systems for the City of Cambridge

Since 2005, Vix Technology has supplied a Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) System to the City of Cambridge and the Bus Rapid Transit system, which services 3.6 million passengers per year along the longest guided bus route in the world.

In 2008, Vix deployed an on-bus fare collection solution for the principal city operators, Stagecoach and Go Whippet; it did not take long for ridership to grow higher than initially expected, and the system quickly began to expand.

Vix helped ensure a positive customer experience with the introduction of advanced RTPI on each stop on the busway. Transport vehicles are tracked via satellite and location details are sent to a central back office server and used to calculate next arrival times along a route. This information is then displayed to passengers at stops, including delays in service, which can be shown on these displays. RTPI can also be communicated to passengers on a range of media including web and mobile devices.

Vix also introduced an interoperable electronic fare collection solution benefiting riders and operators alike. The smart ticketing allows passengers to board quickly and efficiently, while operators benefit by reducing the amount of cash needed to be carried on buses, which in turn reduces fraud. The system also provides comprehensive reporting and a database that interprets information to help run the service in the most efficient and effective way.

The successful Cambridge system is now looking to be expanded with work ongoing on a busway linking Dunstable to London Luton Airport. Vix was involved in the design and planning of the project and will be providing the ITS infrastructure using many of the same innovative technologies as were used for Cambridge.

  • Stagecoach East carries 38.7 million passengers per year
  • Go Whippet carries 750,000 passengers per year
  • Guided busway opened August 2011, stretching nearly 32km/20 miles and running on streets and old railways
Case Study: Manchester

Manchester, in the UK’s Northwest, has the country’s second biggest population and is the third-most visited city in the UK.

The city lays claim to having had the world's first purpose-built passenger and goods railway station and is at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse.

These days, Manchester’s transport network is modern and integral to the lives of the 2.5 million people in the wider region. Residents are able to easily navigate this busy, densely-populated urban area, thanks to an integrated network of bus, tram and train services, which also help them access the city’s international airport, and other major cities such as Leeds, Liverpool and London.

A core component of this network is Metrolink, the city’s tram service. Since 2013, Vix Technology has provided an automatic fare collection solution across Metrolink, supporting 34 million journeys a year, over 57 miles of track.

Bus and tram users benefit from an integrated experience, thanks to Manchester’s Get Me There card. Vix manages this seamlessly alongside Metrolink’s 750 platform validators and back office systems to ensure that residents get great value, as well as easy-to-access transport.