Case Study

VIX enables Cape Town to Move Faster, Better and Smarter

coCT Case Study

With the help of Vix, the City of Cape Town MyCiti Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) System currently operates across 210 buses and 35 BRT stations supporting more than 10,000 daily passenger trips.

Vix Makes Seamless Travel A Reality For Bangkok Commuters

BSS Case Study -

Following global success, Rabbit’s one-of-a-kind e-money platform combines unique benefits of BTS, MRT, and BRT access along with purchasing, student ID card, employee card, and key card into one.

Vix Transformed The World's Biggest Rail System


Prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Vix implemented a state of the art, smart card-based Automated Clearing Centre (ACC) capable of processing more than 10 million passenger journeys per day in less than 4 hours.

Vix Transformed Oise Into A Greener City


An innovative Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the Oise Regional Transit Authority (SMTCO), Vix and Cityway has seen the travel information, ticketing and AVM of 13 local transport agencies integrated into a single system, SISMO.

Vix Transformed Stockholm Into Smart Card City


Working in close partnership with SL, Vix transformed the people of Stockholm’s daily commute by implementing a smart-card system and making it multi-modal.

Vix Transformed Seattle's 7 Transit Payment Systems Into 1


In order to better coordinate transportation in Seattle and Puget Sound, Washington, Vix implemented a smart card-based fare collection system. The new system has streamlined transportation, enabling it to be controlled centrally.

Vix Transformed The Way Manchester Commutes


New innovations in journey planning technology are being harnessed in Greater Manchester where a new smartphone application ultimately aimed at becoming a personal public transport ‘satnav’ for each passenger has had its first live pilot.

Vix Delivers Inform To UK Bus Commuters


Vix’s newly deployed Inform content management platform allows users to manage a wide range of display devices with a wide range of rich media information.

Vix Transformed The World's Largest Busway


Vix have provided a wide variety of products and services to support the efficient operation of ‘The Busway’ in Cambridge - the world’s longest guided busway.

Vix Creates The Oxfordshire Smart Zone


Vix worked with bus operators and Oxfordshire County Council to establish a ‘Smart Zone’ in Oxford City Centre enabling passengers to travel on many of Oxford’s main bus routes with a single smart card.